Important notice for all Te Waharoa Ararau (TWA) users

TWA is being upgraded. The existing version of Te Waharoa Ararau (TWA) can be used until 5pm on Thursday 21 July 2016, after which time it will become read-only. This is so that data can be migrated over to the upgraded version of TWA, which will be available for use from 25 July 2016.

How you access TWA will change. To access the new TWA, all users must have an Education Sector Logon. Principals will have received an email outlining how to apply for the logon using the Electronic Provisioning Application, the changes that have been installed into TWA and how to ensure continued access so that overall teacher judgements can be recorded.

For more information about Ngā Whanaketanga Rumaki Māori or Te Waharoa Ararau visit this website or please contact the NWRM/TWA Project Team. Phone: 04 463 0948 or email

Te Waharoa Ararau Email & Phone Support

For email or phone support on how to use Te Waharoa Ararau ā-Kura and/or Te Waharoa Ararau ā-Motu please contact via:

Phone: (04) 463 0948

Please also refer to the user guides and videos located at the bottom of this page for support on how to use both components of Te Waharoa Ararau.

About Te Waharoa Ararau

Te Waharoa Ararau has two parts:

Te Waharoa Ararau: ā-Kura

Has been developed by the Ministry of Education to assist with the collection of student achievement information in alignment with Ngā Whanaketanga Rumaki Māori ‚- Pāngarau and Te Reo Matatini. This information will assist with the collation and reporting of achievement at individual, class, and school-wide level to students, their whānau and teachers. This tool is available to all kura and Māori medium settings who use Ngā Whanaketanga Rumaki Māori - Pāngarau and Te Reo Matatini with their year 1 - 8 students.

Te Waharoa Ararau: ā-Motu

Is the annual reporting tool that must be used by kura and schools who use Ngā Whanaketanga Rumaki Māori - Pāngarau and Te Reo Matatini to complete their reporting requirements for their Year 1-8 students.

You must register to gain access to this tool. To register complete the appropriate form by clicking on the register button in the login panel.

Please Note: To use this system you need Internet Explorer 9 or higher, or Chrome, Firefox or Safari.



For an introduction to using the Te Waharoa Ararau ā-Kura download one of the following relevant help sheets.

Or watch the How to use TWA videos



For an introduction to using only Te Waharoa Ararau ā-Motu to meet your Ngā Whanaketanga Rumaki Māori NAG2A reporting requirements.

Or watch the How to use TWA videos


If you have any queries about the tool in general please read the Key messages and frequently asked questions document. If you have further questions please email

If you are experiencing any technical difficulties please email

Who has access to the data?

Only users registered and approved by your kura or school administrator can access student information in Te Waharoa Ararau: Ā-Kura & Te Waharoa Ararau: Ā-Motu. The Ministry of Education does not have access to the data stored in this database.

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